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How it Works – a new solution in cold weather clothing!

The ActiVHeat® cold weather clothing battery-powered  portable heating system uses a new technology employing very thin yet very strong non-metallic microfiber bundles. These  microfiber bundles are integrated into your ActiVHeat® clothing to actively warm to your core and also stimulate blood circulation in your chest and back. It uses safe, low-power far-infrared rays to radiate heat from the integrated microfibers bundles.

Simple to use.
You adjust the heat level on the portable heated jacket, heated vest, or heated glove liners using a simple one-button heat controller that is detachably connected to the heated clothing. Switch a cold shiver into warm comfort.

Wind stopping apparel.
ActiVHeat® heated cold weather clothing warms without being bulky. The wind stopping fabric makes our portable apparel also suitable as outerwear. How? Our premium-grade windproof micro-fleece and soft shell outer fabrics limit air permeability and increases insulation and comfort because of a laminated fabric bonding layer embedded in the fabrics.  

Why is this so important for heating?
If we were to use regular fleece, the heat would just leak out like water out of a bucket full of holes, so the heat would need to be switched onto HIGH all the time to keep you warm. With our special multi-layer windproof fleece and 6-layer soft shell garments, the heat is trapped inside your core region enabling you to turn down or off the heating when you are warmed up. This means you can preserve the battery power which will keep you warm for many more hours.